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Philantopia’s Top International Travel Tips for 2024

Some of our top destinations for 2024 are international locations, and we expect that donors will continue to be eager to travel abroad this year. After all, who doesn’t dream of a Caribbean escape, a European wine tour, or a balmy week away to Southeast Asia?

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Ultimate Adventure Travel Vacation Packages

Sometimes, donors are looking for a truly unusual and life-changing experience, and at Philantopia, we’ve got plenty of those — of course, they all bear our signature marks of luxury, hospitality, and plenty of travel assistance.

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Top 5 Nonprofit Gala Theme Ideas — And Auction Travel Packages to Double the Excitement!

A lot of work goes into planning and executing a nonprofit fundraising gala, and many nonprofit staff and volunteers will spend months dreaming up the most fun, effective, and memorable ways to connect with donors and raise money.

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Under the Tuscan Sun: An Enchanting Italian Getaway

We caught up with one of our travel experts, Anna R., who recently enjoyed one of Philantopia’s most decadent travel packages to Tuscany, Italy: Under the Tuscan Sun! Learn all about her experience, below.

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From Sea to Shining Sea! Top US Vacation Travel Packages

While overseas destinations are always a favorite with donors, there are many enchanting and exciting travel locales right here in the United States! For some donors, applying for or renewing their passport could be an obstacle, or they simply might prefer to take a trip that feels more like a quick getaway.

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Taste the Sweet Life: Top Culinary Travel Packages

Donors who appreciate the best in food and wine will find these culinary-focused trips irresistible! From Europe’s most coveted epicurean destinations, to hidden gems right here in the United States, those who possess an appreciation for the finest gastronomic experiences will be excited to book these meticulously crafted culinary-focused journeys!

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Tennis, Golf, Baseball — There’s a Philantopia Travel Package for That!

Sometimes a dream vacation has less to do with lounging poolside and more to do with action-packed athletic adventures. Whether your donors are tennis lovers, golf enthusiasts, baseball fans, or just generally love to get moving, here at Philantopia we have packages for that! 

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Escape to the Enchanting Sonoran Desert: Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort

Are your donors ready for an unforgettable adventure that combines luxury, relaxation, and a dash of Southwestern charm? Well, hold onto your hats because Philantopia has an incredible new travel package to unveil, and it’s bound to take your breath away!

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5 Ideas to Make Your Next Fundraiser More Community-Focused

Most people who are involved in nonprofit fundraising got there for one reason: they care! Whether the organization helps people in need, animals, the environment, or something else, folks who dedicate their life to important causes are compassionate, thoughtful, and community-focused.

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3 Reasons Your Board Will Love Philantopia

Board members are crucial to nonprofits: they’re the people who help steer the ship, make connections for the nonprofit within the community, and assist in fundraising. They’re also the people who are supposed to advise you when it comes to making strategic fundraising plans for your organization.

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Philantopia offers a collection of unique risk free travel packages designed to help you raise more money for your next fundraiser, sweepstakes or raffle. Our auction advisors can advise you on the most exciting, effective, and profitable packages for your fundraising event.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing our travel packages or learning more about our company.

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