3 Ways to Raise More Money at Your Next Event
By Philantopia on June 10th, 2024 | Categories: Blog, Uncategorized

Anyone who works for or volunteers at a nonprofit knows: Throwing fundraising events is a lot of work! It’s very much worth it when the event makes it possible for the organization to raise meaningful funds and continue its critical work in the world, but everyone involved wants to see a valuable return for the effort they put in.

This week, we’ve put together three ways your nonprofit can raise more money with your next event. The idea is to put in (almost) the same amount of work, but bring in more funds! Don’t worry — these ideas are fun, exciting to donors, and won’t create extra stress.

Idea #1: Sell Multiple Philantopia Travel Packages

It’s amazing when you use a Philantopia travel auction package in your live or silent auction and a donor purchases it! It’s a huge win for everyone: The donor gets to go on a life-changing trip, and the nonprofit brings in money for the cause. 

But once the donor has purchased, don’t stop there! 

Take a look at your list of bidders beyond the top donor. After your event, set aside an afternoon to reach out to your top bidders (the ones who didn’t end up winning the trip) and ask them if they would like to purchase the trip, as well. Here at Philantopia, we are able to sell multiples of most packages, so if your donor says yes, then they get to go on the trip, too! 

This is an easy way to raise double, triple, quadruple, or more on a single auction item, and many of our nonprofit customers have seen great success in implementing this strategy. Donors love it, too, because it means they get to contribute to your cause, and they get an exciting vacation at a price that is likely less than retail value. 

Check out some of our best selling trips for ideas: 

Idea #2: Start an Online Fundraiser Weeks Before Your Live Event

Get your donors excited ahead of the event by kicking things off online! A great way to attract more attendees, reach people who maybe can’t attend in person, and build buzz for your fundraising event is to do an online raffle or sweepstakes for a Philantopia travel package. 

We recommend kicking off your raffle or sweepstakes at least three weeks before your event. Send out an email announcing the contest to your donor base, ask them to share the news with their friends and family, and tell them that the winner will be drawn at your live event (but they don’t have to be present to win). 

Philantopia always provides beautiful imagery and text for each of our travel packages, so throwing together an online raffle or sweepstakes will be a total breeze. =

Once your contest is live, send out a few reminder emails leading up to the date of your fundraiser. Make sure that at your actual event, you hype up the raffle or sweepstakes and invite your donors to enter a few more times before you draw the winner. 

This is a fun way to get the ball rolling on your fundraiser before the big event! Plus, donors can enter a sweepstakes or raffle at a donation level that works for them, and they don’t have to be the top bidder in order to win. It’s a great way to capture donors who may be on a tighter budget but still want to be part of the fun.

Idea #3: Select Philantopia Travel Packages that Your Donor Base Will Love

Every nonprofit donor base is different. Some larger nonprofits connected to big organizations may have a base made up of very wealthy donors who are looking for the ultimate luxury experiences in travel (like this Belize Private Island Getaway for 10) while other nonprofits may have donor bases made up of outdoorsy types (who would love the Ezulwini Africa Safari Package), and still others are looking for getaways that appeal to the whole family (like this All-Inclusive Family Escape to Costa Rica). 

Whatever your donor base demographic, Philantopia has trips that will excite them and motivate them to donate  — the key is to figure out which packages will do that! 

Fortunately, our team of experienced travel advisors have seen it all, and they know exactly how to put together the right packages that your donors will really love. The easiest way to connect with us is through our online contact form or to call us directly

We can’t wait to hear from you, learn about your nonprofit, your fundraising goals, and help you get started! 

Philantopia Vacation Packages are Risk-Free

As always, our travel auction packages are risk-free for nonprofits. We want you to have success in your fundraising endeavors, which is why we’ve put all our trips on consignment: Your organization only pays for the travel package when a donor has committed to it. 

It’s a great way for your nonprofit to raise funds, and for your donors to have the experience of a lifetime!