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How Philantopia Works



Philantopia offers nonprofits unique auction ideas for your live or online auction. We provide risk-free luxury travel packages at highly discounted rates. Our auction advisors will assist you in selecting the most exciting, effective, and profitable packages for your fundraising event. Travel destinations include golf tournaments, beach getaways, Broadway shows, cruises, culinary trips and much more…

Once you select the travel packages that best suit your donors and your audience, then we will give you free marketing materials explaining the fabulous vacation. All you have to do is set your opening bid price at a profitable level above our reserve price, and let the auction begin!

If your opening bid price is met, then congratulations, you’ve just made money for your fundraiser! The winner will receive the travel certificate, and your charity will receive all of the profits above our reserve price.

Philantopia will handle all of the travel arrangements and certificates for your winning bidder and off they go on a dream vacation. If your fundraiser’s opening bid price is not met, then the package is returned to Philantopia, and you have zero obligation to Philantopia. It’s that easy!

Let our Philantopia Team go to work for you!

Philantopia offers a collection of unique risk free travel packages designed to help you raise more money for your next fundraiser, sweepstakes or raffle. Our auction advisors can advise you on the most exciting, effective, and profitable packages for your fundraising event.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing our travel packages or learning more about our company.

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