Philantopia’s Top International Travel Tips for 2024
By Philantopia on April 29th, 2024 | Categories: Blog

Some of our top destinations for 2024 are international locations, and we expect that donors will continue to be eager to travel abroad this year. After all, who doesn’t dream of a Caribbean escape, a European wine tour, or a balmy week away to Southeast Asia?

Today we’re going to look at some of our top travel trips for international travel in an era when everything increasingly is happening online and the world moves quickly!

Philantopia Travel Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Fortunately for your donors that purchase travel auction packages with Philantopia, planning ahead has never been easier. When the donor purchases the package, in most cases, they’ll have one year in which to book and complete their travel. Plenty of time to think ahead and dream about the perfect vacation!

For a minimal additional fee, the Philantopia team is happy to offer the services of a travel agent who can assist in booking airline tickets, extra activities while on the vacation, and even to help extend the trip, which some of our travelers love to do. If you would like to learn more about this, connect with one of our team members today.

The perfect vacation features an elegant balance between downtime and planned activities, and this is an area in which Philantopia travel packages excel! Most of our packages include fun optional activities, such as dinner cruises, snorkeling, location tours, and more. Some of our most notable trips that include activities are:

• The option of stand up paddleboarding, off-shore snorkeling, or a sunset dinner cruise, PLUS a $500 resort credit for use at the Bar Esquina, Sur Beach House, or Coffee Shop on the Bahia Cabo Hotel Beach Vacation Package. [LEARN MORE]

• A $500 resort credit to put toward golf, dining, or the spa on the Golf Getaway at Fairmont St. Andrews package. [LEARN MORE]

• A full-day private wine tour in Saint Emilion (lunch and transportation included) and a private bike tour of Bordeaux on the Sipping Bordeaux France Vacation Package. [LEARN MORE]

These activities are sure to inspire and delight travelers (they sure sound enticing, don’t they!?)

Philantopia Travel Tip #2: Explore During the Off-Peak Season

The most popular destinations receive tens of millions of visitors during the peak seasons, so if crowds aren’t your thing, it’s not a bad idea to think about booking your trip during the off-season.

Philantopia travel auction packages typically have very few blackout dates, which will give your donors some wonderful flexibility in booking their trip. Most often the blackout dates are around big holidays like Christmas and the 4th of July weekend, the times of the year that are likely to be the most popular (and most crowded!) anyway.

Exploring a destination without massive tourist crowds has several advantages:

• The most popular and iconic sites will be more accessible. Forget the long lines, annoying wait times, and peak season pricing. Traveling during the off-season has the added perk of making everything easier.

• Travelers will have a more relaxing experience. Without being hustled and bustled by big crowds of international travelers at the ultimate destination, in the airports and on trains, your donors will be able to travel in a more relaxed manner.

• Prices will generally be more affordable. With fewer people clamoring for amenities and access, travelers will have the ability to stretch their dollar a bit farther!

Most of us can agree that a great vacation doesn’t typically involve hoards of touristy crowds! Visiting during the off-season is a great way to make sure the vacation is fantastic.

Philantopia Travel Tip #3: Eat Like a Local

As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! There’s no sense in traveling abroad only to seek out the local Starbucks or McDonald’s franchise (it won’t taste the same, anyway). Enjoying locally-sourced food is a big part of the fun when it comes to international travel, and Philantopia’s travel packages go a long way in encouraging travelers to explore local cuisine.

Consider these trips, which all include an emphasis on local culinary traditions:

• Delicious Tuscany Italy Vacation Package: Travelers are treated to fresh daily breakfast prepared in-villa by a private chef, plus a cooking class and chef’s dinner! [LEARN MORE]

• Florence Food and Art Vacation Package: Donors will experience a cooking show in a local restaurant with a private dinner, as well as a wine tasting event at a local wine bar located in the town main square. [LEARN MORE]

• Culinary Vacation Package to Rhone, France: Vacationers will love eating their breakfast poolside each day. Being treated to a private chef dinner at the Rhone Retreat isn’t bad, either! [LEARN MORE]

• Ezulwini ‘Paradise’ African Safari Package: Travelers will enjoy all meals, local beers, and house wines included in the price of their package. They’ll also have the chance to attend a wine tasting event in the amazing underground wine cellar at Ezulwini Billy’s Lodge. [LEARN MORE]

All these trips include a focus on food! In fact, Philantopia has an entire category of trip dedicated to “Culinary and Wine,” so be sure to visit our culinary trips travel page to learn more about vacation packages you can offer your donors that will get their mouths watering!

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

The most important thing your donors can do while traveling is to stay safe and have a great time! Enjoying international destinations is truly one of the most fun parts of life, and we are delighted to be able to support travelers as they put together their unforgettable adventure while supporting an important cause (your nonprofit!)

If you’d like help in putting together the perfect travel package offerings for your next fundraising event, that’s exactly what our team of knowledgeable travel experts love to do. Contact us today to have a conversation about which travel packages are right for your event!