7 Ideas to Promote Your Next Live Nonprofit Fundraising Event
By Philantopia on December 26th, 2022 | Categories: Blog

January is when many nonprofits start to think about what went well over the last 12 months and what could have gone better. It’s also a time of year when nonprofits begin to think about events coming up in 2023 and how they can best leverage their resources to raise money for their cause.

The best fundraising events are ones that people know about, get excited about, and share with their friends. Fortunately, there are some things you can do on your end to help the people in your community find out about, and get excited about your upcoming events.

Implement these seven ideas to get started!

Idea #1: Announce Your Fundraising Event on Your Nonprofit Website

As you prepare for a big fundraising event, be sure to announce it on the homepage of your website so that anyone who visits will quickly learn about the fundraiser.

Feature the fundraiser prominently, clearly state the date and location, and include a button for people to purchase tickets. Beautiful and fun-filled photos are also important; If you’re auctioning off a travel package, be sure to have stunning images which we will provide) in your announcement!

Finally, give viewers a way to donate even if they are unable to attend the live event by including a link or button to “give now.”

Idea #2: Plan an Email Series Announcing the Fundraising Event

Email is still king when it comes to getting information in front of people’s eyes — so go ahead and schedule an email announcement (or several).

A good idea is to plan out a series of three emails:

1) The first email will be a “save-the-date” and sell early bird tickets;

2) The second will encourage people to get their tickets;

3) And the last email will be a “last chance!” message.

Plan to start sending these emails about three months before your event.

Idea #3: Use SMS Text Marketing to Reach Your Donor Base

Text is another great way to communicate with tech-savvy donors.

Several email marketing services offer the option to utilize sms text messaging to reach out to donors. Of course, you first have to ask your audience to opt in, but once they’ve given you permission to text them, you can reach out and send reminders about your live events, and even encourage them to bid on specific items, like a fundraising travel package!

Idea #4: Issue a Press Release

Reach new donors in your local area by creating and sending out a press release. Send it to your community news outlets, and invite the local news channel to report on your event.

Whether or not an event gets picked up by the news often depends on what else is happening around that time, and it’s a very good idea to send your press release at least six weeks in advance of the event, as many news outlets plan their editorial calendar far in advance.

Idea #5: Use Organic and Paid Social Media to Get the Word Out

Maintaining current and accurate social media channels is really important for nonprofits these days. Often, a potential new donor or volunteer will look online to get a better sense of what your organization is all about, so keeping things current is a good idea.

Post about your event on social media, and have fun with it! If you’re auctioning off one of Philantopia’s auction travel packages, use the photos we provide to entice your audience to enter to win and attend your live event.

Paid social media advertising can also be a great way to get your message in front of people who may be interested in your cause. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok all have options for paid advertising these days.

Idea #6: Ask Your Sponsors and Partners to Share

Your sponsors and partners are incredible resources when it comes to spreading the word about an upcoming event! Reach out to them to find out if they’ll share news of your event via their social channels, via email, or even by posting a flier in their brick-and-mortar shop if they have one.

Sponsors and partners enjoy assisting, and it makes sense. It’s one way they can contribute to your cause without writing a big check, which can sometimes be tricky for these organizations.

Idea #7: Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the original social media! Ask your staff members, volunteers, and donors to help bring more people into your event by… talking about it! If everyone brings a friend, your attendance could greatly increase.

People love to support good causes, and asking those who are already passionate about your mission to share it with their community is a great way to spread the word!

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