7 Tips for Traveling on a Budget
By Philantopia on December 8th, 2022 | Categories: Blog

So, you just purchased a Philantopia travel package at your favorite nonprofit’s fundraising event, and you’re ready to pack your bags! If you’re keen to keep travel costs low while you enjoy your incredible vacation (made all the better because you know you’ve contributed to an important cause), check out these tips for traveling on a budget.

Tip #1: Avoid Peak Season

Even though you’ve likely pre-paid for your travel package, you may still need to cover some costs, like flights and ground transportation (although some Philantopia travel packages include airfare). You can keep costs significantly lower by doing a little research and avoiding peak travel season.

For domestic travel, “peak season” may be obvious: spring break, three-day weekends, and major U.S. holidays like Thanksgiving. But if you’re traveling overseas, “peak season” might mean something a little different (everyone in Europe takes off in August, for instance). Spend a few minutes on Google to find out what the best travel dates may be for your destination, and if you can, plan to travel during the down time.

Tip #2: Purchase Travel Insurance

None of us wants to think about a dream vacation getting ruined by illness, lost luggage, or some other set of events outside our control… but it does happen. Save yourself a big ole headache by purchasing travel insurance in advance of an important trip, and rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, you’re in good hands!

However, remember that not all insurance is created equal. Check out our previous blog post on how to purchase the right kind of travel insurance for your next big trip, and if you recently booked a Philantopia travel package, be sure to talk to our preferred travel insurance partners.

Tip #3: Book Flights in Advance

When it comes time to book your flights, be strategic and purchase those tickets as soon as you know your dates! Last-minute flight bookings tend to be the most expensive, and offer the fewest seating options. Middle seat, anyone?

If you’re shopping around for the best airline rates, try browsing incognito. This will prevent airlines and discount travel sites (like Expedia and Travelocity) from using cookies to track your searches and jacking up prices on flights. Yep, it’s a real thing!

Tip #4: Pack Smart

Avoid having to purchase items when you arrive at your destination by packing thoughtfully. That means checking the weather at your destination (don’t pack sandals when you’ll need rain boots!) and thinking through the types of activities you’ll be doing on the trip. A bathing suit back home might cost $30, but a bathing suit at the resort will be much more expensive!

Tip #5: Travel Light

If you’ve ever experienced a piece of luggage getting lost by the airlines, you know how frustrating it can be! But aside from the potential inconvenience of lost luggage, many airlines these days are charging for checked bags. Yikes!

Learn how to pack light and put everything in your carryon, if your trip is short enough. No lost luggage, no checked bag fees, no waiting around at baggage claim. The freedom is great, and you’ll save yourself a bundle!

Tip #6: Use Public Transportation

When possible, hop on the subway or local bus line before hailing a ride share or renting a car, costs that add up quickly. Over the course of your trip, you’ll spend much less money on public transportation, plus you’ll get the added advantage of living like a local!

Tip #7: Eat Local Food

Food can get pretty expensive when you’re traveling, especially if you’re staying at an upscale hotel or resort. It’s a lot of fun to enjoy fine dining, if you have the budget for it — but if you’re trying to keep costs low, think about finding ways to eat locally.

Search for local restaurants and cafes, which might be tucked away a bit more, but feature more authentic flavors. To find these places, ask around, or pull out your phone and lean into Google reviews to find the local gems!

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