3 Ways to Bring New Donors to Your Organization
By Philantopia on February 1st, 2023 | Categories: Blog

Attracting new donors to your organization — and giving them plenty of reason to stick around for the long haul — is key to sustaining your cause. A robust group of donors forms a solid foundation for nonprofits: they are the key to enthusiasm, longevity, and community support. 

There are many ways to bring in new donors. Here’s a good starting point! 

Strategy #1: Turn Your Board Members into Advocates

Your board exists for many reasons, and one of those reasons is to bring new people into the fold! Help your board members get in the habit of talking to their friends and acquaintances about your organization by educating them and arming them with fun methods of outreach. 

Educate your board members. They need to know how important it is for them to be consistently reaching out to their community members on behalf of your nonprofit. Keep them up to speed on details around funds coming in and going out so they can get a tangible sense of what the organization needs. 

When board members understand how crucial each board role is, they’ll be more likely to participate fully in recruiting new donors to your cause. 

Arm them with fun methods of outreach. Make sure that board members are involved in your fundraising efforts. Whether it’s a sweepstakes, raffle, auction, or other fundraising event, putting an exciting Philantopia travel package on the agenda can help your board members feel enthusiastic about sharing the event with their friends. 

Strategy #2: Go Mobile

Over 60% of online traffic these days comes from mobile devices. That’s a lot of people staring at a lot of phones! Meet your new donors where they are: on social media and on the web, and make sure that your website is mobile optimized. 

Use social media to attract new donors. Post great photos and stories about your nonprofit, and use tags to make sure that your content is find-able to people who are looking. Be sure to follow and tag people who are important to your organization, like board members and big donors! 

Include links to make donations as well as links to your website so that people who are interested in your nonprofit can easily learn more about what you do and who you serve. 

Optimize your website for mobile. With so many people using mobile devices to surf the web, it’s really important that your site is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This essentially means that your site will be easier to navigate on these devices. 

Check to see if your site is already mobile optimized by navigating to your web address on your phone. If it looks clunky and confusing, chances are you’ve got some work to do! Talk to your web developer to see what you can do to make your site easier for mobile users to find and navigate. 

Strategy #3: Host an Event

Pique the interest of your community by hosting an event. Perhaps a public open house at your office or facilities, or partner with a local cafe or bookstore and invite people to learn about what your organization is up to. 

Want to make that event even more impactful? Think about throwing in a sweepstakes item, like one of Philantopia’s no-risk travel packages, and encourage people to make a donation to enter. If you tell people that you’ll draw the winner at your next event, they’ll be even more excited to come and bring their friends! 

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