Winter Themes for Your Holiday Nonprofit Event
By Kerri on December 3rd, 2019 | Categories: Auction Packages

It’s the holiday season! Now’s the time to plan your winter nonprofit event, and every great event starts with a great theme. Skip the traditional “winter wonderland” or “silver and gold” benefit — we’ve got some fresh winter themes that will make your event a night to remember.

Holiday Movie Classics

From “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” to “A Christmas Story,” the list of amazing holiday movies goes on and on. Channel everyone’s love for a wonderfully wintry movie into your event in the following ways:

  • Designate tables based on specific holiday movies, such as the “It’s A Wonderful Life” table. Provide decorations (and perhaps goody bags) that coincide with each movie.
  • Set up auction packages based on holiday movie destinations. Donors can go on a biking tour of France or trip to New York just like the “Home Alone” parents.
  • Choose a holiday movie as your main theme, and play it for guests to enjoy!

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Turn an average event to an awesome one by rockin’ out!

  • Hire a band for some live music (it’s OK to stray away from the holiday tunes).
  • Feature musical auction packages like our VIP Hamilton trip to keep the music going, well after your event ends!
  • Have a karaoke contest or even a talent show so donors can show off their vocal prowess. Come up with a fun prize for the winner!

Crafty Christmas Party

Different craft stations are a great way for guests to engage in a holiday party in a hands-on way.

  • An ornament station helps donors come up with a beautiful decoration for the tree. Allow guests to take them home, or find a way to donate them. Hospitals, senior living centers, or a place specific to your organization might love getting some donated ornaments.
  • Paint ‘n’ sip stations are easy to set up. Hire someone to guide donors through painting a wintry scene.
  • DIY spa crafts are sure to be a hit! Help guests make their own peppermint face masks or gingerbread-scented sugar scrubs.

Ugly Sweater Party

Dressing up gets old after awhile. Challenge guests to bust out their ‘80s and ‘90s holiday sweaters for a dressed-down event!

  • Set up a photo booth for donors to take a selfie! Include a hashtag they can use to give your nonprofit even more awareness.
  • Have people vote on the best ugly sweaters. Winners get a prize!

Island Holiday Getaway

Who doesn’t wish they could spend the cold winters on a warm island? Celebrate with a Hawaiian luau or choose another island destination!

  • Decorate island style — put sand and seashells on the table, crank up the heat, place colorful flowers and plants throughout the venue, and encourage guests to dress like it’s a night out in the Caribbean.
  • Hire dancers to put on a tropical show as the main entertainment for the evening.
  • Put up any one of our amazing island auction packages for donors to bid on! Remind everyone how great their trip will feel come January and February.

There are countless holiday parties that happen from November to January. The last thing you want is for yours to blend in with all the rest. Use this guide from Philantopia to plan a memorable holiday nonprofit event, and check out our risk-free auction packages that will take the night to a new level!