The 4 Best Ways To Increase Attendance At Your Fundraiser
By Krissy Highland on November 8th, 2019 | Categories: Blog, Fundraising Travel Packages, Trips for Fundraising

More people, more potential for donations, more potential to make a difference. It’s what every
fundraising coordinator knows and strives for. Find out how you can get more people in the door for your next event with these fundraising tips.

Social Media
For nonprofits especially, social media has become an extremely powerful tool for getting the word out about important initiatives. This is hard to do on a whim, so it is important that nonprofits and other organizations start building their social media infrastructure early. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are all great platforms, although the audiences (and data tracking) from each may differ.

Local Press
It might seem old school, but a local press release is a fundraising tip that’s easy and affordable. Plus, it’s a great way to spread the word of your event (and nonprofit itself) through some very reputable sources. Other avenues of local press you can look to for community presence include local newspapers, radio stations, magazines, tv stations, etc.

Email Lists
Just because something is local doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be digital. Like with social media, email lists are something that have to be built up. However, once you have a reliable email list of potential donors, you can build on it forever. With an email list, you’ll be able to send out regular reminders about your fundraiser, RSVPs, last minute details, etc. This allows your organization to ensure all those people that plan for an event, but are on the edge about actually attending for whatever reason, actually make it to the fundraiser.

Local Organizations
Word of mouth and utilizing local organizations to get the word out about your event are great ways to attract more people to your fundraiser. While things like social media and email listing give you a wider audience of people to reach out to, word of mouth tends to be more effective at actually getting people to show up. Start with your own organization, asking staff, board members, and volunteers to get the word out. Then, you can move on to talking to local schools, businesses, etc. We’re adding in a fifth and final tip — work with Philantopia! Offering one of our amazing travel packages is a surefire way to catch people’s eye and motivate event attendance. From culinary and wine trips to beautiful beach destinations, there’s a package for every nonprofit — and for every donor.