How to Select the Right Travel Packages for Your Event
By Philantopia on March 14th, 2023 | Categories: Blog, Uncategorized

When it’s time to sit down and choose which auction travel packages you’ll offer your donors at your upcoming auction, raffle, or sweepstakes fundraiser, it can be hard to narrow down the options.

If you’ve had a chance to poke around our website, you’ll understand why — we offer a ton of “experience of a lifetime” trips, and all of them are exciting! However, carefully selecting the right trips to appeal to your donors is important to make sure that you maximize your fundraising potential.

Here are three things to consider as you review our selection of risk-free fundraising travel packages.

Think About Your Donors’ Preferences

If you’ve offered travel packages in the past, look back and see what’s worked. Which travel packages received a lot of bids, and which ones seemed to fall flat? You might start to see some trends that can inform your choices for the next fundraiser.

For instance, if you live in a city that gets very cold in the winter, beach vacations might do really well (especially if your event is held during the cold months). But if your nonprofit is based in Florida, the beach may not be as appealing to your donor base.

As best you can, gather information, whether it’s from looking at previous events you held, or simply asking donors what they like. Ask them about locations (beach vs. city) and activities (culinary vs. golf vs. safari, etc.)

It can be fun and informative to do a poll on social media or in your newsletter to get a sense for what your donors are particularly drawn toward.

Think About When You’re Holding Your Event

In the early part of the year, people who live in colder areas of the country may already be thinking about their spring break plans or pining for the summer months. Take advantage of that by offering several warm destinations. Here are some ideas:

Scottsdale Golf and Spa Vacation
Santa Monica Beach Getaway
Zulu Nyala African Safari Package

Then again, if you’re holding your event in the late summer or autumn, your donors may be thinking about the coming cold months and upcoming family holiday gatherings. That’s a great time to offer things like:

Fairmont Ski and Stay Package
Exotic Bali Travel Package for 10 (perfect for an international Thanksgiving or Christmas!)

Think About Your Donor Levels

How big are your donors? Some nonprofits hold huge $10,000 per plate galas for big-ticket donors, and other nonprofits host smaller, more grassroots events. That’s important to take into consideration when you’re thinking about which packages to offer.

Nonprofits with wealthier donors may consider more expensive trips, like:

Exclusive Yoga Retreat in Rhone Valley, France
Golf Getaway at Fairmont St. Andrews
Tuscany Villa Magnolia Wine and Culinary Package for 8
10-Night Trip to Antarctica with Oceanwide Expeditions

Nonprofits with grassroots-level donors may consider offering amazing packages at affordable rates, like:

Bahia Cabo Hotel Beach Vacation Package
Wrigley Field Chicago Baseball Package

Find Your Dream Philantopia Vacation Today!

The packages listed above are just a small sampling of the many exciting auction vacation packages offered by Philantopia. Remember, all our trips are risk-free to your nonprofit — you only pay when your donor pays, and opening bids are always started at least $500 over the reserve price to make sure that your nonprofit is raising funds.

Explore our website today to find the right travel package for your upcoming fundraising event!