How to Make the Most of Your Corporate Sponsorship
By Philantopia on March 14th, 2023 | Categories: Blog, Uncategorized

Corporations love working with nonprofits because the partnership helps bolster their reputation in the community and demonstrates a commitment to doing good in the world. After all, most people prefer to spend money with companies that they know are giving back! 

When you have a fundraising event coming up, that’s the time to make the most of your corporate sponsorships. The best part is, when you do a good job getting them involved, everyone will feel the positive impact. 

Here are some ideas for keeping your corporate sponsors engaged and making the most of your partnership for your upcoming event. 

Communicate Regularly with Your Corporate Sponsors

When a big event is coming up, it can be really easy to get so caught up in the whirlwind of to-dos, that important communication falls through the cracks. 

Leading up to your event, make it a point to be in excellent communication with your corporate sponsors. Find out who your point person is, and check in with them regularly via email, phone, text, or even in person. Make sure that they’re clear on the date and time of your event, but also important deadlines and exciting announcements, as well as the ways in which your donors will be exposed to their brand (logos printed on programs and banners, etc.)

Most of all, make sure they know how thrilled your nonprofit is to have them involved. Communicate how valuable their contribution is, and any positive feedback you’ve gotten about their involvement. Corporations are made up of people, after all — and it’s so important to value and appreciate the people who make your event possible! 

Ask Your Corporate Sponsor to Promote Your Event

Often, sponsors are businesses that have a broad reach in the community. A very influential way they can support your event is by helping promote it in the weeks and months leading up to the big day. 

They can help spread the word by:

• Posting about your event on social media,
• Sending out an e-blast to their mailing list about the event,
• Putting up flyers or postcards in their brick-and-mortar,
• Or even sponsoring an advertisement in the local paper, blog, or radio. 

Of course, when a corporation helps promote like this, they’re also getting some great brand awareness out there and building their own reputation as an organization that believes in giving back and doing good! 

Ask Them to Sponsor a Philantopia Travel Package

A really fun way for corporate sponsors to get involved in a fundraising auction, raffle, or sweepstakes is by sponsoring an enticing prize. When they do, you can present the prize package by saying, “Brought to you by [NAME OF SPONSOR]”. 

Some ideas for great auction travel packages:

Napa Wine Tour Package in Calistoga
Fairmont Monte Carlo Mediterranean Travel Package
Seaside Escape in Hilton Head 
Mountain Getaway in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

(These are just a few of the many exciting packages we offer. Peruse our site to find more!)

Since all of Philantopia’s travel packages are on consignment, meaning that your nonprofit only pays for the trip once the donor has purchased it, nothing would change about how you go about selling the trips. The only difference is that the corporation will foot the bill for the trip once it’s auctioned, raffled, or given away… meaning that your nonprofit will make even more money! 

It’s a really fun way for the corporate sponsor to feel they’ve made a great contribution. In their promotion of the event, they can even talk about the travel package they’re sponsoring. 

Ask Your Corporate Sponsor How Else They’d Like to Get Involved

Your sponsors may have great ideas about how they can get more involved in the fundraiser, so be sure to ask if there’s anything else they’d like to do! 

Winning a corporate sponsor is a big deal, and the best way to keep them around and make the most of your partnership is to ensure that they understand how valued they are, give them some great exposure, and show them what a big difference they are making for your nonprofit. 

Philantopia Travel Packages are Risk-Free

When you’re ready to move forward in selecting the right auction travel packages for your upcoming event, reach out to us. Our team of seasoned experts will guide you in selecting the perfect travel destinations for your particular donor base and help you craft a strategy that will make sure your nonprofit raises money. 

Remember: all our travel packages are risk-free for your organization, meaning that you’ll never get stuck with the bill for a trip that wasn’t purchased! Learn more about how that works here, and be sure to check out some of our hottest travel packages.