5 Ideas to Make Your Next Fundraiser More Community-Focused
By Philantopia on August 29th, 2023 | Categories: Blog

Most people who are involved in nonprofit fundraising got there for one reason: they care! Whether the organization helps people in need, animals, the environment, or something else, folks who dedicate their life to important causes are compassionate, thoughtful, and community-focused.

And yet, sometimes fundraising event planners will turn around and realize that their event doesn’t fully embrace the very community they’re poised to serve. This can happen especially when the organization is catering to very wealthy donors.

So, today let’s explore some fun ideas you can implement at your next fundraising event to more fully embrace and include all your community members. With just a little thought, you can see big changes pretty quickly!

Idea #1: Consider Your Ticket Price

What is the cost for entry to your fundraising event? Does it immediately price out an entire swath of your donor base?

Of course, the whole purpose of your event is to raise money, and you must make sure that ticket prices appropriately cover the cost of running your event. However, if your ticket prices alone mean that a portion of your community won’t be able to attend, that’s the opposite of building a community-centric and inclusive event!

Consider lowering your ticket prices to make it possible for more people to attend. If you like, you can even make the ticket price a sliding scale — so those that can afford to pay much more for their attendance have the chance to do so. You might be surprised how generous people get when given the opportunity.

Idea #2: Ensure Your Event Space is Accessible

In many states, older buildings built before ADA accessibility laws were put into place are not required to update their event venues to ensure accessibility. Be sure to check on this before you book the space. Additional ways to make the event accessible include:

  • Make the event hybrid for those who cannot attend in person, and be sure that any videos include captions and alt text.
  • Provide ASL interpreters.
  • Make sure that enough microphones are available to speakers (and that they actually use them!) so that everyone can hear what they are saying.

Ensuring accessibility takes a little extra effort, but goes a long way in helping those who are differently-abled feel included and part of the fundraising fun.

Idea #3: Offer Travel Auction Packages in a Variety of Price Ranges

One of the most fun and exciting aspects of attending a fundraising event is the auction! Live or silent, donors love the anticipation of finding out who won, especially if it’s a trip they’re keen to take.

Here at Philantopia, we specialize in finding the right auction travel packages for your donor base. If you’re looking for ways to make your events more community-centric and inclusive, a great way to do that is to select several packages that vary in price. The lower the reserve price, the lower your starting bids will be, which means that people who may be priced out of the bigger-ticket packages can still participate.

Here are some ideas and examples of packages under $3000:

Wrigley Field Chicago Baseball Package

This outrageously fun package is a baseball fan’s dream come true! Enjoy 2 nights at a luxury Chicago hotel with complimentary breakfast, plus all-inclusive passes to a Wrigley Field rooftop for a regular season Chicago Cubs baseball game.

Under the Tuscan Sun Italy Vacation Package

There’s just nothing like Tuscany: the awe-inspiring landscapes, artistic heritage, culinary greatness, excellent wine, and overall beauty. This package for four people includes a six-night stay at an apartment in Cortona (live like the locals!) Private wine tasting, a three-hour private walking tour of the area, plus personal concierge to arrange activities during your stay are all included.

Hermosa Inn Luxury Boutique Hideaway

Stay in a Deluxe Casita for two people and prepare for romance! The Hermosa Inn is a secluded boutique hotel nestled in the foothills of Camelback near Scottsdale, Arizona. Between the $500 food and beverage credit available for use at any of the fine restaurants on the property, the beautiful scenery, and the tranquil locale, this is a not-to-be-missed romantic getaway.

We have an entire page dedicated to travel packages under $3000. Be sure to take a look as you prepare for your next fundraising event!

Idea #4: Invite the Kids!

Sometimes parents have to skip an event if they are unable to secure childcare for a night out, or if the childcare is simply too expensive. Our solution? Invite the kiddos!

When you make your event family-friendly, not only will more people come, but you can toss in some fun kid-oriented activities that will keep everyone feeling lighthearted. Face painting, hula hoop contests, and photo booths are just some ideas to get started. Perhaps you could even invite some kids to speak, especially if your organization is focused on supporting children or families. Don’t forget to include a kid-friendly menu!

Idea #5: Revisit Your Dress Code

Maybe “black tie only” is starting to feel a little stuffy and inaccessible. If that’s the case, loosen things up! Not everyone has a tuxedo and ball gown hanging in the back of their closet, but if the dress code is “business casual”, people might feel more comfortable attending the event.

If you really want to have fun with it, you could have a themed dress code, like “Hawaiian night,” or “1920’s night.” The more playful, the better!

Philantopia Auction Travel Packages Will Help Raise More Funds

We’re looking forward to helping you raise more money at your next live event! All Philantopia travel packages are risk-free, because your organization only pays when your donor pays. What’s more, you can leverage our packages to raise even more by selling multiples of the same package (read about how to do that here).

Need assistance? Contact our team today to get started, and together we’ll figure out the best packages for your next fundraising event.