The 5 Things Your Donors Want Most Right Now

It’s safe to say after the last year a lot has changed. It’s particularly evident in fundraising for nonprofits and charitable giving. While extraordinary circumstances may have made the lives of fundraisers harder in some ways, it also revealed new opportunities.

Giving your donors what they want

Raising funds for your nonprofit or charity auction might be simpler now because after a year of so much uncertainty, your contributors are very certain of what they want, and that makes it easier than ever to meet their interests and reach your fundraising goals.

#1. Donors want to trust your organization

There’s no denying the impact that recent events have had on fundraising efforts for nonprofits and charities alike. While you know what your organization has to offer and the values it stands behind, that may not be clear to potential donors.

When it comes down to it, potential donors want to know they can trust you, and you have to build that trust with them. There’s an expectation that your organization is transparent, honest, and perhaps most important of all, effective. A great way to establish that trust is to have assets like annual reports, regular meetings, newsletters, and success stories. Even having a few quick talking points on hand when meeting with a potential donor for the first time can go far in developing a strong relationship.

#2. Donors want a sense of connection

The way you interact and connect with your donors has likely changed. You may have had a close face-to-face relationship with your regular donors and contributors, but that may not be possible now. Like keeping any relationship alive, you may have to be a little nimble in how you connect with your donors.

Video conferencing is an excellent way to invite people into your organization. Host live streams of meetings, create videos that highlight your latest efforts, and set up conference calls that allow donors and board members to chat and get to know each other.

Fostering a sense of connection between you and your donors is more than sending out your annual donation form, however. Indeed, you might find that a polite note wishing them well and asking them how they are will move your fundraising efforts further. Having an emotional connection — not just a financial one — is critical to the success of your organization.

#3. Donors want clear communication from you

People are motivated to help others in any way they can right now.

The problem? They’re just not sure where they can do the most good.

Your donors are looking for guidance and leadership. They want to have a sense of direction in their giving, and they’re looking to you for that direction.

Offer your donors clear, concise communications. They’ve already approached your organization, now they’re ready to work with you. By making a simple, direct request, you’re more likely to stir them into action than if you were to send them a drawn-out appeal.

Provide your donors with clear requests and you might be surprised at how efficient your fundraising becomes.

#4. Donors want to see their impact

How is the money being used? Who’s benefiting from their donation? How can they track the success of the organization?

If you’re managing your operations well, you likely have all of these answers at your fingertips at any given moment. But when it comes to demonstrating to a donor that their contribution has made an impact, it’s important to remember the idea of “show don’t tell.”

There’s no denying the value and importance of a regular report, but spreadsheets and graphs are only so appealing. Whenever possible, find ways to show the impact of their donation in a more human way. It could be a recorded “Thank you” from a family who benefited from the donation, a photo album of the new playground that was installed, or a note signed by the team who did the work. Whatever you do, always remember to place the donor first – “Thanks to you, this was possible.”

#5. Donors want to celebrate your success

Ultimately, your donors support your organization because they believe in the work that you do. Just like you celebrate every victory, no matter the size, your donors want to celebrate right alongside you!

A great way to celebrate with your donors while encouraging charitable giving is through events like a charity auction, a gala, or a ball. Having auction items available offers donors a great way to donate to your organization and get something in return.

After a year where travel was difficult at best, impossible at worst, your donors want to feel like they have the freedom they once had again. An incredible way to motivate your donors and excite them at your next fundraising event is to offer them the chance to travel again!

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