4 Quick Tips for More Effective Fundraisers

Nonprofits and charities rely on fundraising to make their work possible. Fundraising can be a challenge, even if you already have a reliable group of regular donors. But it doesn’t have to be.

Getting More for Your Organization

Fortunately, there are proven and effective ways to raise more funds for your organization. By having clear expectations, leveraging your resources, fostering lasting connections, and having some motivational items on hand, you can make your fundraising efforts feel more like a celebration than a challenge.

Set a Goal – and Don’t Be Afraid to Raise It

This might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised just how effective having a clearly defined goal can be in helping you reach your fundraising needs. The more specific you can be in the fundraising goal, the better.

You might consider using the “SMART” method for goal setting: goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-sensitive. Think about any major initiatives you might have in the next year, and use the SMART method to figure out how much you need to raise to make that initiative a reality. An example might be raising $45,000 by November 15th by reaching out to 3000 donors.

While having a concrete goal in mind is a great start, don’t be afraid to think about what you could do if you exceed that goal.

The idea of a “stretch goal” became popular with online fundraising platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. A stretch goal offers donors the chance to see what you can do beyond your initial estimate if they were to donate a little extra. For example, if you reach that $45,000 mark, what could you do with an additional $15,000? Set that as your next goal and outline what that money can do for your organization.

You can be strategic about when you unveil those stretch goals. Let’s say you’re hosting a live fundraising gala, and you’re quickly reaching your goal. But right before you hit it, enthusiasm wanes. Your donors have already pitched in “enough,” so why would they give more?

Unveiling a stretch goal in moments like these is a great way to keep donors engaged and energized. They’ll view it as a challenge — one they can quickly overcome by making another donation.

Rally Your Team

They say it takes a village, and when it comes to fundraising, this is especially true. You might have all of your fundraising operations dialed in, but having a capable team to help you is always going to make your work easier. Whether they’re paid staff or volunteers, a fundraising team benefits from everyone’s networks and contacts. It’s likely you already have a list of regular donors, but bringing in a team can expand that list. Your teammates might know of another business or individual that is looking to make a gift to a charity or nonprofit this year. They’ve already got a connection established, so you can use that to your advantage.

Build a Relationship with Your Donors

There’s never been a better time to connect with donors. You have a variety of channels and avenues available to you to start building relationships. While it might be tempting to start your next fundraiser online, start with traditional channels first.

Offline, you can use regular mail to send postcards or letters to keep your organization front of mind for your donors. Whenever possible, these mailers should be tailored to your donor. For repeat donors, call out their specific, past donations, inquire about their family, remind them of the lasting relationship you have. Even a phone call, or quick face-to-face visit can go a long way in maintaining that valuable connection.

Once you’ve reached out to your reliable donors, you can start to open up your fundraising campaign. While letters and mailers are great for smaller audiences, a well-run social media campaign can bring in donors you may never have thought of before. Your social media channels are a great way to promote your fundraisers while highlighting the impact those funds can make. Social channels are an easy way to build an emotional bond between your followers and your organization, especially if you frequently highlight your achievements and other “feel good” stories.

When donors feel connected with your organization, their charitable giving simply becomes something they plan on doing every year, even without you prompting them.

Offer Great Incentives and Rewards

In an ideal world, there would be generous people out there who would happily offer you the money you needed whenever you asked. But that’s not always the case. Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t individuals and companies out there who make charitable giving a regular part of their lives. After you’ve already connected with those donors, you’ll have to start reaching out to groups who might take a little more convincing.

For groups like these, having a compelling reward or incentive to offer them is a great way to make them flip from saying, “Maybe,” to “How much do you need?” at your next charity auction.

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