Simple Ways to Strengthen Relationships with Donors
By Philantopia on October 26th, 2021 | Categories: Blog, Uncategorized

When it comes to fundraising, like most things, organizations are looking to strike that delicate balance between the quality of the donation, and the quantity. Some fundraising campaigns elicit a flurry of giving, with the bulk of the funds raised coming from smaller gifts. Other campaigns are more targeted, resulting in a few large donations.

But experienced nonprofits recognize that they can enjoy a quantity of quality donations if they have a network of reliable, trusted donors they can turn to.

But how did they create this network?

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

We all have those friends we only get to see once in a blue moon, but we pick up right where we left off. That’s fine for friends, but not sustainable for your organizations and your donors.

We benefit from having more ways to connect with people than ever before. Email, letter campaigns, video calls, and social media can all be a part of your new communications calendar. Some of these channels can be used to report out on official business, while others can be used to convey big updates or fun tidbits.

But like those lasting friendships, you have to give and get. Part of your regular communications should be collecting feedback. You can collect feedback through annual surveys, emailed polls, or asking them to leave reviews after your group has completed an event or project. You might also find that feedback comes organically during a meeting or fundraising event.

Asking for feedback from your donors helps them feel valued and engaged, and gives them a sense of ownership over the work your nonprofit is doing.

Ask Your Donors What Inspires Them to Give

They say that everyone loves to talk about themselves, and that’s true in the case of donating groups. Everyone wants to share the things that inspire them or motivates them to do great things.

One of the easiest ways to foster a relationship with your donors, especially if they’re new, is to simply ask them “Why do you give to our organization?”

You’ll likely get a range of answers. Many donors support groups that align with their goals, or to groups they admire. But you might get more personal answers. It could be that your nonprofit helped a loved one, that they had volunteered with your organization years ago, or that they believe that your group is best exemplifying their values.

But why does “why” work? It accomplishes two things. First, your donors immediately understand that you appreciate them, and value them beyond simply their gifts. Secondly, and most importantly, it helps you direct new initiatives and efforts you may be working on. If you know that Company A gives to your group because of your work in supporting at-risk children, you’ll know that other efforts that support children will garner more financial support.

Create a Culture of Storytelling

Last month we talked about a few of the things your donors want right now. We highlighted that your donors want to see the impact of their gift. Thank you cards and photos of beneficiaries are a great start, but they’re just part of the story you’re telling your donors.

Thanks to the internet, we live in an age that’s fascinated by fresh ideas, new content, and well-constructed stories. As your organization carries out its mission, collaborate with your marketing and social media teams to find content that tells the story of your nonprofit.

And this is why storytelling is critical to a healthy relationship.

By constructing a narrative that puts the mission of the organization first, but ties its success to the generous gifts of its donors, you’re encouraging your donors to view themselves as the hero of that story. Making those stories memorable helps to reassure donors that their gift was a wise one and that your organization is worth supporting.

Building Strong Donor Relations

Having strong relationships with your donors ensures that your nonprofit organization continues to bring in that quantity of quality donations. It also ensures that your donors are actively promoting your cause to other groups, opening up new avenues for giving.

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