5 Ideas for Selling More Tickets to Your Live Event
By Philantopia on May 1st, 2023 | Categories: Blog

For many nonprofits, live events like galas and live auctions are an important part of their annual fundraising strategy. Which means that getting people excited and selling a bundle of tickets is a big part of the process!

So, how can you sell more tickets to your live events, even when it may be an event that your audience has seen before? Today, we’ll look at five fun ideas (and one bonus idea) to get your donor base rallied up about your next event so you can sell more tickets and raise funds for your nonprofit. 

Idea #1: Involve Vendors who are Personally Connected to Your Cause

When you’re staffing up your team of event planners, designers, venue managers, caterers and more, take a little time to find out if the people and companies you’re bringing on have a personal connection to your cause. When they do, they’re much more likely to be vocal about the event and invite friends and family members. 

For example, say your nonprofit cause is all about raising money to support families dealing with child cancer. When you choose your vendors, ask around for people who have a personal connection to this experience and believe in what you’re doing. If you’re running a humane society, talk to your potential vendors — do they have rescue animals? Do they volunteer at shelters when they’re not working? Everyone who has a rescue dog loves talking about their rescue story!

When people are emotionally connected, they’ll be that much more excited to talk up your event.

Idea #2: Consider Partnering with a Corporate Sponsor

For companies big and small, collaborating with a nonprofit is a very good idea. It shows that they’re doing good in the world, helps them build a great reputation, and gives them some really good exposure in the community. For businesses, in almost all cases, working closely with a nonprofit is a big win. 

As you plan out your next event, think about approaching a corporate sponsor or two (or three! Or four!) Ask them to not only donate things you may need (like maybe our Napa Valley Wine Tour Package at the Meritage Resort and Spa, which you can auction off to raise funds), but also to help spread the word about your event. 

Perhaps they’d be willing to put up posters and flyers in their office space or store front, or send out an e-blast to their mailing list inviting people to the event. Maybe they’ll devise a special incentive for their employees to attend, or something else! 

Idea #3: Choose an Unconventional Event Venue

We’ve all been to events at the local hotel ballroom, and while it’s luxurious, it can also get a little predictable. Get creative and think about unconventional venues that people would get excited about. For instance… 

  • The local roller rink, 
  • A refurbished barn, 
  • The botanical gardens, 
  • A drive-in movie theater, 
  • Or a local art gallery. 

The more unique and intriguing, the better! 

Idea #4: Provide Group Packages 

Think about providing discounted packages for groups. This can really vary depending on your donor base and who you think may be attending your event; say, if families tend to come to your events, perhaps you’ll want to offer a group package for four or more people. 

Think about throwing in fun incentives included in their ticket prices. Maybe the package comes with branded t-shirts, or extra entries into your fundraising raffle for a travel package (like our exclusive travel package to New Orleans!)

Idea #5: Send Handwritten Invitations Through Snail Mail

When was the last time you received a handwritten invitation through the US Post? It’s probably been a while, which is what makes this idea really stand out! When people feel as though you thought about them personally, and it means a lot to them that you might show up, they’ll be more likely to respond. 

This is a really fun (albeit slightly more time-consuming) idea because you can personalize each note. Think about your donors and what they mean to your organization as you sit down to write some lovely messages. 

Bonus Idea: Invite People who Have Benefited from Your Organization to Mix and Mingle with Your Donors at the Event

Set yourself up for success next year by making this event truly memorable! 

For donors, a big piece of the puzzle is getting to see what a wonderful difference their dollars have made for people, animals, or the environment. They want to feel as though their contribution matters. 

Invite people who have directly benefited from your work to hobnob with your donors. Before you know it, Little Sally who learned to read thanks to your childhood literacy initiative is sitting with her parents next to Joe Donor who gets a fresh reminder of why he makes regular donations to your cause. Even more incentive for him to bid high on the San Diego Spa Vacation in your silent auction!

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