3 Tips to Make Your Next Gala Event Memorable
By Philantopia on June 12th, 2023 | Categories: Blog

Gala fundraising events can be a lot of fun. Donors love the chance to get dressed up, go out, learn about your nonprofit’s cause, and contribute in a meaningful way. Especially now that the weather’s warming up, people are even more eager to get out of the house and socialize!

While you’re planning your next event, here are three fun things that will help your event reach more people, and stand out as something really special.

Live Stream Your Fundraising Event Online

Live streaming is becoming really popular with nonprofits who want to reach a broader audience with their special event. This becomes very fun with live auctions — because you never know who might jump into the bidding war at any moment!

It might seem complicated, but actually, live streaming can be as simple as setting up an iPhone that’s connected to the internet on a tripod. If you have a YouTube channel, an Instagram profile, or Facebook page, these are all places where you can live stream your gala event. People will love tuning in, especially if you have exciting speakers or performers at your event.

Want to gate your live stream? That’s possible, too! With a little research, finding a way to live stream an event only to paid participants is easy.

Present Awesome Philantopia Fundraising Packages

When you’re thinking about your live or silent auctions, raffles, or sweepstakes, imagine what your donors would just love to win. What kind of a trip feels too good to be true? What feels like a steal? Something that they can cross off their bucket list?

Philantopia offers a wide range of exciting travel packages that are sure to excite your donor base. Here are some of the most popular packages:

Sipping Bordeaux France Vacation Package — Luxury amenities in Bordeaux, France, are sure to stir up passion among your donors! A private wine tour and lunch in Saint Emilion? Yes, please!

Santa Fe Cooking, Art, and Culture Package — Sometimes you don’t have to go far for the experience of a lifetime. Imagine immersing yourself in the stunning art of New Mexico, taking a cooking class with someone you love, and then relaxing in a King Suite at one of the most beautiful hotels west of the Mississippi! Sounds dreamy.

Romantic Italy Amalfi Coast Getaway — There really is nothing like the historic Amalfi coast to set your heart on fire. Aside from the stunning vistas, delicious food, and flowing chianti, this package offers a lemon tour in a real lemon farmhouse, complete with tastings. It’s impossible to be sour on a trip like this!

Peruse Philantopia’s extensive list of travel packages on our website, and get in touch with our travel specialists who can help you settle on the best packages for your specific donor demographic.

Take Time to Acknowledge How Far Your Organization Has Come

In the end, what makes an event like this most memorable is when people feel like they’ve made a difference. Your donors want to know that their contributions are making the world a better place, and the easiest way to do this is to give them updates.

At some point during your event, be sure to share some numbers on your progress, whether it’s growth, the number of people/animals you were able to help, or something else that feels significant. This is also a great way to inspire your donors to continue giving to your organization (and what better timing than when they’re sitting rapt at your fundraising gala?)

We love helping nonprofits raise money! Reach out to a member of the Philantopia team today to learn more about how Philantopia’s risk-free consignment travel packages can boost the WOW factor at your next fundraising event.