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What is a Sweepstakes Fundraiser?

Sweepstakes are prize giveaways where a winner is randomly selected from eligible entries. Sweepstake Fundraisers are a fun way for donors to buy tickets for a prize drawing with the potential to win an amazing prize. It also offers a great way to promote your organization and reach a larger audience.

Philantopia now offers a partner platform that will automate your sweepstakes.  It is simple for nonprofits to use to sweepstakes fundraising to increase donation dollars and grow their donor base.

Platform Features

• Quick and easy sweepstakes set-up and launch
• Automation takes over the details of running the sweepstakes
• Nonprofit dashboard makes sweepstakes management simple

How does it work?

• The sweepstakes fundraising site is built by and hosted on the sweepstakes platform
• Automates the details of running an online sweepstakes
• Sweepstakes eliminate financial risk with no upfront fees or cost for prizes
• Track your progress with real-time donations made vs your fundraising goal
• Automated donor email receipts with sweepstakes ticket numbers
• Secure 3rd party payment processing for donations
• Your donor database is available for you to work with and download 24/7

Benefits for Nonprofit

• Engage your active donor base with a fundraiser that is exciting
• Attract new donors by giving them a chance to win a great prize
• Effective tool for activating lapsed donors
• Retains donors – high rate of repeat participation in new sweepstakes

Sweepstakes fundraising is a highly effective fundraising tool for nonprofits

Making a Difference

Philantopia is proud to be helping many innovative nonprofit organizations

Ready to Learn More?

We would love to chat with you to see how Philantopia can help you with your fundraising efforts. Please drop us an email at auctions@philantopia.com or give us a call 877-738-1978.

Philantopia offers a collection of unique risk free travel packages designed to help you raise more money for your next fundraiser, sweepstakes or raffle. Our auction advisors can advise you on the most exciting, effective, and profitable packages for your fundraising event.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing our travel packages or learning more about our company.

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