7 Simple Steps to Run a Successful Non-Profit Raffle
By Krissy Highland on July 15th, 2019 | Categories: Blog, Fundraising Travel Packages

If you’re looking for a way to raise money for a non-profit, a raffle is a great way to do it. You can also use raffles to promote or bring attention to specific events or businesses. As a charity, business, or event that may not know exactly how to run a raffle, Philantopia is going to share how to run a raffle in this article.

As an organization that offers non-profits auction ideas — either live or in-person, Philantopia is here to assist in creating awareness, encouraging engagement, and raising funds through risk-free luxury travel packages at highly discounted rates. With all this in mind, let’s take a look at the seven simple steps to help make your raffle a success.

 How to Run a Raffle

You’re about to run a raffle. You want the raffle to be a success so that you can raise money for your cause. And you want to make it super easy for those entering into the raffle to do so. Here are the simple steps to run a successful raffle:

#1. Review Local Laws and Regulations

Start with due diligence so that you can cover your non-profit. In some regions, providences, states, counties, or cities, a raffle is considered a lottery, which requires a special permit to host. You don’t want to plan a huge raffle and then discover that how you ran the raffle was illegal. Check your area for raffle vs. lottery laws and get the proper permits.

#2. Set Some Goals

Before you start sending out invitations to your raffle event, you want to set some goals. Determine if the raffle is for charity or non-profit. Set dates, objectives, financial goals, and more. Prioritize which goals are more important than others. Get your team in on this process so that everyone is on board. These goals will give your team some urgency and direction.

Keep in mind that the price point per raffle ticket is going to be more apparent than the cost of the prize the entrants have a chance at winning. This is why it’s super important to set your goals and then add to that goal the cost of the prizes you will need to purchase.

Another tip is to balance the cost of the prize with the fundraiser goal. If you’re looking to raise $30,000, you probably don’t want to go out and purchase a $3,000,000 home to achieve your goal. A general rule is to keep your prize cost at or below 25% of your fundraiser goal. While you can simply add the cost of the prizes to the overall goal, it’s going to help keep the 25% in mind when choosing prizes.

#3. Determine Raffle Prizes

What will your participants win by entering your raffle? Your target audience will buy raffle tickets based on items or situations they want to experience. For example, a car raffle is a great way to get more entries, because who doesn’t want a new set of wheels? Another great way to get raffle entries is to offer no-risk travel luxury packages. Find out what your entrants want to experience and try to offer that to them.

Here are some raffle ideas:

  • Electronics
  • Luxury travel packages
  • Vehicles
  • Gift certificates/cards
  • Sports trip
  • Gift baskets
  • Weekend getaways
  • Dinner parties
  • Season tickets
  • Home appliances
  • Theme park tickets
  • Adventure package
  • Concert tickets

Make sure and choose raffle prizes based on how much you aim to raise. For example, if you want to raffle a luxury travel package that cost you $2500, and you want to raise $25,000, you ought to set your event goal at $27,500.

Finally, now your audience. If they are the type that would enjoy a luxury travel package, get that prize. If they would rather get a car, purchase a couple cars. The volume of people who may enter is another factor to keep in mind when purchasing prizes. You want to cover your prizes and hit your fundraiser goal, at the very least.

#4. Print Your Raffle Tickets

Make sure and print a lot of raffle tickets. You will want to customize your tickets, too, so that people know who they are entering the raffle with. Also, custom raffle tickets help brand your event and the experience that some of your entrants will eventually win.

#5. Promote Your Raffle Event

Up to this point, you’ve done a lot of work to get your raffle event ready for entrants to start buying tickets. Don’t skimp on your promotion. You want to spread your raffle to any and every person you believe would want to enjoy the raffle prizes you’re offering, as well as believe in your non-profit cause. Find those who support your cause and want to experience what you’re offering, and you will have a greater chance at success.

#6. Sell Raffle Tickets

Once your promotions are running, make sure and sell tickets. It can be easy to sit back and hope that the promotion does the work for you. Instead, utilize every channel you have to get your message out so that you can sell more tickets. Work to achieve the goals you set in step #2.

#7. Hold The Event

One of the best ways to create an experience around your raffle efforts is to have an event for the drawing. People who purchased tickets will show up excited to be chosen in front of a room full of those who also entered into the contest. As always, make the event about the cause and use every opportunity to spread awareness.

How Can Philantopia Help You

As a non-profit raffle organizer, you’re probably looking for prize ideas or someone to help you put together events. Philantopia is here to consult you through the process, as well as offer you a variety of luxury travel packages that many entrants in raffles would love to experience. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to make your raffle event successful.