5 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits
By Kerri on September 8th, 2020 | Categories: Blog

In our new world of social distancing, nonprofit organizations have had to get creative with their fundraising efforts. While some have cancelled their in-person events outright, many others have reluctantly decided to move them online. The good news is, fundraising online doesn’t have to be a mediocre substitute for your in-person event; in fact, there are many benefits to virtual fundraisers that you may not know. 

Benefits of Online Fundraising for Nonprofits

Believe it or not, not being able to meet in person may actually be a silver lining for nonprofit fundraising. Virtual fundraisers are more cost-effective because you don’t have to budget for event space or catering. In addition, you have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience than you would at a local event, giving supporters all over the country the chance to contribute. It may be easier for your nonprofit to organize frequent online events rather than devoting time to planning in-person events. 

The key to a successful online fundraiser is creativity. Below, we have listed some fun ideas to help you raise money for your organization online. 

Virtual Raffles 

You don’t need tickets and a jar for a raffle. It’s 2020, which means that we can do pretty much everything online! An online raffle is a great way to raise money for your nonprofit, provided that you offer an enticing prize. 

Our travel packages are very popular for online raffles. Here are some of the best-selling packages to give you some ideas:

Our travel packages are good for two years after purchase, allowing for plenty of time to get away when the world is healthier. 

Virtual Concerts

If you’re like us, you probably miss live music right now. Fortunately, you can still enjoy a concert from the comfort of your own home. This is a great time to tap into your network and see if there is an artist who would be willing to help you out. Most musicians are a lot less busy than they were before, so this is the time to shoot for the stars! Who knows who would be willing to help your cause? 

Online Marathons

Fortunately, outdoor activities are largely easy to do from a distance, which is why many marathons and the like have moved online. A virtual race is essentially the same as an in-person event, but participants run on their own. You can ask people to donate based on how many miles they run. Promote on social media and have participants post videos or photos of themselves completing the race. If running isn’t your physical activity of choice, you could have a dance-a-thon instead! 

Online Fundraising Auctions

We work with a lot of nonprofit organizations who use auctions for fundraising, and it isn’t hard to understand why. By offering several big ticket items, it gives your supporters the opportunity to contribute to your cause while treating themselves to something special. Some common offerings include electronics, luxury experiences, and travel packages. 

Our luxury travel packages often perform well during fundraising auctions. Some of our favorites include:

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our travel packages. We love working closely with nonprofits to help you find the right offering for your fundraising efforts. 

Virtual Classes

Do you have any skills that you can offer for a virtual fundraising event? You may have something to offer that your supporters will love! For example, you could lead an online yoga class, cooking class, or foreign language class. Alternatively, teach a workshop related to your nonprofit’s mission. For instance, if your nonprofit offers job opportunities to low-income students, you might lead a workshop on how to succeed at a job interview. Get creative! You can sell tickets and teach over Zoom for easy access. 

We hope that these virtual fundraising ideas have given you some insight into how you can pivot your fundraising events in these uncertain times. If you’d like to learn more about our travel packages for auctions, contact us today!