Q: What does “no risk packages” mean?

“No Risk Packages” mean that you have no financial obligation to Philantopia unless the packages used at your event sell above our reserve price. It is important to remember to ALWAYS SET YOUR OPENING BID HIGHER THAN THE RESERVE PRICE.  Our auction advisors can assist you in which packages to choose and where to set your opening bid prices.

Q:  How many packages can I choose? 

You may choose as many packages as are appropriate for your live or silent auction. In addition, you have the option to offer the same package at the same auction, to anyone who bids over your reserve, if you choose to run your silent auction that way. The packages we offer can accommodate multiple winning bidders.

Q: What do your packages include? 

Our packages include all lodging, all stated inclusions, fees, taxes, and parking, except when explicitly stated otherwise.  For example, Philantopia may include access to a private ski club in our ski packages, however après ski cocktails in the club lounge would not be included in the package.

Q: What kind of promotional materials does Philantopia offer?

Philantopia will provide all of the materials you need for forward promotion (your website & email blasts) as well as all material needed for actual “day of event”. We provide digital, quality photos of all our trips as well as all the information about each package and attractive table displays. We also provide black out dates, restrictions, retail value, etc… Our auction advisors can guide you through what your event will need to be successful!

Q: How do winning bidders receive their packages?

After your event, you simply provide payment for the packages that have sold above your set reserve price, along with the winning bidder (or bidders’) names. Once payment is processed, Philantopia will provide the winner(s) with their certificates and handle the entire process, from receiving their winning certificate, to booking and redemption.

Q:  Do your packages have blackout dates?

The packages we have put together have minimal blackout dates, which generally include the high-peak weeks such as Christmas and New Year’s weeks, President’s Weekend, and a summer holiday such as the 4th of July week. We strive to strictly minimize blackout periods, and the blackout dates for each package we offer are clearly delineated for you at the bottom of each catalog page.

Q: How does the airfare work?

Our travel partners provide airfare for some packages. The restrictions are listed in the package details.  Seats are purchased in a certain “class” i.e. Q, V, Y depending on the destination.  Air travel is for roundtrip flights between designated origination and destination airports. Miles may not be earned for an individual nor used for upgrades.

Q:  Can we remove airfare from the packages?

Most travel packages may be customized to exclude airfare on a case-by-case basis.

Q:  How do we pay Philantopia? Can we use a VISA card?

Upon event conclusion, your non-profit will collect payment from highest bid winner and notify Philantopia of the package sale. Philantopia will then invoice your organization for the Reserve Price of the packages. In order to provide non-profits with the best value on packages, we do not accept credit cards for payment. You may send payment by check or wire transfer to Philantopia for invoiced packages.